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Cellular Landscapes

My Cellular Landscape Paintings are
inspired by my fascination with visual
information that is available only with
magnification. To get raw material, I
spent many months peering through
a microscope in a pathology lab in a
nearby hospital. The cytologists and
I studied the same cellular material,
but where they spotted danger—
cancer cells—I saw the beauty in
what was aberrant and different.
The paintings are made organically,
similar to the way cells grow, replicate
and mutate. I begin each painting
using sources from biology,
cartography, astronomy and geography
as well as from my sketches made in
the lab. I then synthesize and
transform this information into my own
vocabulary by inventing patterns,
marks and glyphs. Once realized on
the surface, these marks grow into
shapes and worlds of their own. In
these abstract territories I hope to
give viewers the sensation of looking
at something that is—simultaneously
—very large and seen from a distance
and something that is infinitesimally
tiny, seen only at a nearly impossible
close range.


Bareback, 1999
22" h x 18" w, oil and graphite on panel
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