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What You Already Know

I combine a variety of traditional printmaking techniques — etching (using white, hard and soft grounds, sugar lift and spit bite), aquatint, relief printing (e.g. litho rolls, wood cut) and drypoint-with contemporary methods of photo etching, digital printmaking to express contemporary iconography. I enjoy printing on a range of surfaces from sturdy, thick papers to delicate Asian handmade papers. I also print on and use found materials, such as original player piano scrolls, musical scores, maps and graphs. Making hand pulled prints is very physical and catalyzes a kinesthetic response to materials and subject matter. It enables me to bring a range of approaches not just to how I make my work, but importantly, how I conceive it.


Word Rolls, 2003
26 h x 24 w, graphite, etching, watercolor, gouache,
digital prints on player piano boxes, scrolls with thread
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