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Works on Paper

What You Already Know

These works are all made on or contain
original player piano scrolls, rich with
history, religious metaphor and ancient
narrative. The scrolls are a near-
perfect material for me to express
ideas about hearing and not hearing
because the absence of the paper (the
holes) indicate the presence of sound.
Through years of experimentation, I
have discovered ways to print copper
and wood cut plates on this fragile,
non-porous paper. Frequently, I will
also draw and write on the scrolls,
riffing on the titles and printed lyrics.
I have used the scrolls for sculptural
as well as two-dimensional works and
will frequently exploit the exquisite
shadows made by light passing
through the patterned holes.


Beat By Beat
Size: 10" high x 38" wide
Medium: intaglio with off-set monoprinting
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